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7 Most Incredible Romantic Things to Do in Rome

11 August 2021

This summer was our 10 years relationship anniversary. The initial plan to escape to Paris together for a weekend did not materialize due to bureaucratic reasons, but the occasion did give me the incentive to explore other romantic destinations that might be of interest. I am extremely happy that local Jiayi, a fellow travel blogger, agreed to write for us about the 7 most romantic things to do in Rome.

Jiayi Wang is the writer and photographer behind Diary of a Nomad, a travel and photography blog with a special love for less-visited destinations. Having been raised in Italy since she was six years old, Jiayi calls Rome home. You can follow Jiayi on Instagram and Pinterest.

So without further ado, here are some of the most special things to do for couples on a perfect Rome itinerary!

The Eternal City of Rome is filled with ancient monuments and breathtaking vistas, and it is famously deemed as one of the dreamiest destinations on earth. Needless to say, couples would especially enjoy this city because there are numerous places to enjoy gorgeous sunsets and plenty of romantic dining venues, among other unforgettable experiences.

Romantic Things to Do in Rome – pick the right hotel

When we talk about romantic things to do in Rome, we mean a stay that needs to be memorable. Thus, the hotel you choose has to be flawless and centrally located. As such, a few recommendations are:

Quirinale Luxury Rooms – centrally located and within walking distance of main attractions such as the Colloseum and the Trevi Fountain, Quirinale Luxury Rooms is set in a historic building and offers access to a nice shared terrace.

Dharma Boutique Hotel & SPA is located in the popular and central Monti district in a 19th-century building with an elegant breakfast room. It features a beautiful romantic terrace with views over the rooftops of Rome.

Hotel Centrale, within walking distance of all main attractions, is located in a beautiful neighborhood of cobbled small streets and across the street from the best gelato shop in Rome. This is your go-to hotel for an affordable yet memorable stay that allows you to explore a multitude of romantic things to do in Rome.

Romantic things to do in Rome - Colloseum
Romantic Things to Do in Rome: enjoy a nighttime view of the Colloseum (photo source pixabay)

Romantic Things to Do in Rome – Soak Up the View of the Colosseum From a Rooftop Terrace

What could be better than exploring one of the most ancient monuments in the world together? Well…combining that with a pampering hotel stay that features breathtaking views of the Colosseum.

That’s right, next to the iconic Colosseum, you can find Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, which features a rooftop terrace with one of the best views in the world. Some rooms even have vistas over the ancient ruins of the Roman Forum, while those looking to spice things up a bit can order a Lamborghini directly at the hotel reception.

Order some champagne or wine and spend the night admiring the beautiful Colosseum (which will be lit up in all its glory) from the terrace of your own hotel. How much more romantic can it get?

Romantic Things to Do in Rome – Catch an Unforgettable Sunset at the Pincio Terrace

Rome offers plenty of sunset viewpoints, but one of the most spectacular ones is definitely the Pincio Terrace inside Villa Borghese.

Romantic things to do in Rome - enjoy the view from Pincio Terrace
Romantic things to do in Rome – enjoy this magnificent view from the Pincio Terrace (photo provided by the author)

This magnificent terrace in the heart of the historic center overlooks Piazza del Popolo and some of the most ancient streets in Rome. From this viewpoint, you’ll get a gorgeous view of the rooftops of the historic center, as well as some famous landmarks such as the Altare della Patria and the Vatican dome.

During sunset, this view is simply breathtaking. The sun paints the sky a beautiful orange above all the ancient monuments of Rome, and there are often musicians playing in the background too. It’s truly an incredible atmosphere; one you have to experience for yourselves.

If you enjoy photography, this is also one of the best photo spots in Rome! Be sure to bring the good camera gear, such as some wide-angle lenses for the Sony a7III, to best capture this postcard-worthy romantic view.

Romantic Things to Do in Rome – Take a Romantic Evening Walk in the Historic Center

Rome is home to some of the most famous and beautiful monuments in the world, but at night, these attractions look even more spectacular. A slow, romantic stroll in the historic center will take you past a gloriously lit-up Colosseum, a vibrant (yet laid-back) Piazza Navona, a much emptier Trevi Fountain, and some very magical-looking Spanish Steps.

Be sure to spend at least a few hours wandering down the cobblestone streets of the historic center in the evening. Aside from the places mentioned above, don’t miss Piazza Venezia, the Pantheon, and the St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. All of these places look very different when they’re lit up in the evening, and you’ll see a lot fewer tourists around as well!

Romantic things to do in Rome - Rome by night
Romantic things to do in Rome – enjoy a walk by night (photo provided by the author)

Romantic Things to Do in Rome – Toss a Coin at the Trevi Fountain Together

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most beautiful and famous places in Rome for a great reason — it is simply an architectural masterpiece. Not only is it already romantic to simply admire this attraction together as a couple, but there’s also another fun thing to do there.

Legend says that if you toss one coin into the fountain, you’re bound to return to Rome. If you toss two, you will fall in love in Rome upon your return, and if you toss three coins, you’ll end up marrying that person in Rome.

So, go ahead and get some coins ready for your visit, and toss them in together into the fountain! At the end of the day, all the coins in the fountain go towards a great cause. They get collected at the end of each month and are donated to local charities!

Romantic things to do in Rome - Trevi fountain
Romantic things to do in Rome – toss 1-2-3 coins in the Trevi fountain – be careful what you wish for 🙂 (photo source pixabay)

Romantic Things to Do in Rome – Climb Up St. Peter’s Dome for a Magical View

Another one of the most fun things to do in Rome for couples is to climb up to the magnificent dome of the St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. While there is plenty to see inside the basilica itself, the dome is definitely a highlight of the attraction. Probably best is to book a combined ticket for a St Peter basilica guided tour with Dome visit or if both of you are up for it, a combined tour of the Dome and the grottoes.

From up the Dome, you can basically see the entire city of Rome, and it is absolutely spectacular. Head there for sunset for an even more romantic experience!

To climb up to the dome, you can either walk up 550 steps by foot or use a lift for the first half of those steps (you’ll then have to climb the remaining 320 steps).

St Peter Dome - Romantic things to do in Rome
St Peter Basilica is not only a cultural venue but a stunning opportunity to get a birds’ eye view of the city (photo source pixabay)

Romantic Things to Do in Rome – Have a Romantic Date at the Vatican Museums

Before you leave the Vatican, be sure to have a lovely artsy date at the famous Vatican Museums. Even if you’re not that into art history, there is still a lot to appreciate inside this museum. One of my favorite romantic things to do in Rome would be to combine the tour of the Vatican museum with breakfast – yes, you heard that right! Enjoy!

Of course, the most iconic work displayed in the museum is Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, which completely lives up to its hype. Pictures are not allowed inside there, but it’s something that you’ll have to see with your own eyes — or better yet, admire together as a couple.

You can also go on a self-guided art and culture date and visit the many different rooms in the museum together, such as the Gallery of the Chandeliers, the Raphael Rooms, and the Gallery of Maps.

When planning your trip, be sure to purchase the Vatican Museums tickets online in advance, because otherwise, you could possibly be waiting in line for hours.

Romantic Things to Do in Rome – Enjoy a Romantic Picnic Along the Lungotevere

The Lungotevere refers to the riverbanks all along the Tiber River, which cuts across the center of Rome. All along the river, there are magnificent views, especially of the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Taking a romantic stroll along the Lungotevere should definitely be on every couple’s Rome bucket list. However, you can definitely add to the experience even more by bringing a bottle of wine and some snacks, finding a scenic spot to sit down, and enjoying a very magical picnic.

Have your picnic during sunset for an even more special experience, and you’ll find that you’re far from the only couple with this idea! After all, Rome is the city of love.

Romantic things to do in Rome - eat gelato at the Colloseum
Finally, do not forget to enjoy plenty of gelato while savoring each other’s company and the amazing city of Rome (photo source pixabay)

Romantic Things to Do in Rome – Final Thoughts and Further Resources

Those were 7 amazingly romantic things to do in Rome, and I hope they’ve provided you with plenty of inspiration for making your trip to the Eternal City unforgettable.

The great thing is that Rome is already an incredibly romantic place, to begin with — you really don’t need to try that hard to create these special moments!

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