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Anca, Sinan, and Ilinca – the team behind Vienna, Book, and Travel

Welcome to Vienna, Book, and Travel! It’s amazing that you are here! We are Anca, Sinan, and Ilinca – Romanian/Turkish cultural family travelers at home in Vienna. This is our story. We hope you take a few moments to read it and decide to join us in our adventure!

Vienna, Book, and Travel was born out of Anca's and Sinan's passion for traveling as a couple
Vienna, Book, and Travel was born out of Anca’s and Sinan’s passion for traveling as a couple

Ours is a love story. Anca and Sinan met and fell in love while studying for their PhDs in Molecular Biology in Vienna. As a couple, we traveled extensively to more places than we can count in Europe and beyond. It was probably on the sun-drenched, dusty roads of Provence, or maybe on the winding curves crossing the Taurus or Fagaras mountains, or over a glass of wine and a steak in Florence, that the idea of a travel blog slowly took shape.

There are two more pieces of information you should probably know at this point in the story. One is that both of us are continuously working as Molecular Biologist (Sinan)/ Regulatory Consultant (Anca) and for a long time it was unclear to us what shape a travel blog would take to fit in with our full-time jobs. Two is that whenever Anca is not traveling, working, or enjoying Sinan’s amazing cooking, she is reading books and exploring Vienna’s cultural scene. So both books and Vienna had to be a part of the story, in one way or another.

Vienna, Book, and Travel is our soul project that combines our love of books and travels with the experiences we make as lucky parents of our amazing daughter, Ilinca
Vienna, Book, and Travel is our soul project that combines our love of books and travels with the experiences we make as lucky parents of our amazing daughter, Ilinca

Maybe coincidentally, maybe not, our blog initially called Dream, Book, and Travel took its first shape two months before the birth of our daughter, Ilinca. So the blog has been growing with us as a family, has been changing and adapting as we have, from a purely cultural travel undertaking through the challenges and joys of traveling with a baby/toddler, to recent times when it’s as much about leading a travel-inspired lifestyle as it is about family travel, culture, books, and Vienna.

We have been living in Austria’s capital since 2009, a city we have made our home, but continue to discover unceasingly. Our aim is to offer you glimpses into our life in Vienna and share our knowledge and love of this city. We do not travel full time, but we do try to lead a travel-inspired lifestyle – through short trips and daily inspiration we take from exploring new books, destinations, cultural venues, restaurants, and neighborhoods.

We share with you our preferred culture addicts’ destinations, our past itineraries as a traveling couple, and the new experiences we make traveling as a family. And yes, we do have loads of practical tips and suggestions for parents who want to integrate travel into their family routines and create amazing memories together with their kids.

Finally, since we really like to banter and exchange thoughts, you’ll find these on our blog as well as in the regular posts on our social media channels. We would be happy to hear from you through all those channels and we hope you’ll join us for this adventure that we simply call life!

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