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Dai Golosi – the Best Italian Gourmet in Vienna

19 July 2018

Beyond the main tourist attractions, Vienna is pretty much a collection of charming neighborhoods. Each district has its own distinctive atmosphere and flavor, cute name, main shopping street, famous restaurants, and of course, Christmas market. That is why in my three days itinerary for Vienna I suggested spending at least one evening in a hood of your choice, ending the day at a good restaurant off the beaten path. 

As for us, we are since 10 years happy residents of Vienna’s 5th district, which we simply love. You can actually walk to the Vienna State Opera from anywhere in Margareten (that’s how the 5th district is called), passing through most of the 4th Wieden (thus you can see two hoods in one walk), there are three shopping streets/arteries worth exploring, and countless small businesses to keep you entertained. My article on this neighborhood is long overdue, as I never feel I finished collecting the information for it! 


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We take daily walks in the area, even more so since our baby sleeps best during an outdoor walk of a couple of hours. Every time, we discover a new side street, a different restaurant, a shop we have not tried before. So it was during one of our walks one evening that I entered this new restaurant at Margaretenstrasse 83. We were famished and tired, Sinan was watching the sleeping baby outside, we just wanted some kind of food to take-away and call it a day. A friendly welcome, a nice chat, and above all the offer to cook up something fresh for us, made me fall in love with Dai Golosi at first sight. It is improper to call it a restaurant. I would rather go for Italian Gourmet, as it offers a daily menu, weekly dishes, legendary breakfasts, meals prepared on the spot (like pasta, bruschetta, or cold platters), the option to pre-order and take-away, great coffee, fantastic wine options, and a small but freshly stocked Alimentari (grocery shop). 

When you start talking with Yari and Maurizio about tastes and high-quality ingredients, they offer an original perspective on Italian gastronomy. Simply put, they want to take visitors on a culinary trip through Italy, cooking fresh authentic dishes from a different region every time, which they serve in a warm, familiar atmosphere. They are constantly on the lookout for the best suppliers and in the future, they hope to organize tasting evenings for products not available anywhere else in Vienna. 

Every time you go to Dai Golosi you are greeted warmly by the owners themselves. They are the ones behind the counter, in the kitchen, waiting on tables. They happily take you through the options of the day and advise on the best gastronomic combinations. Yari was a fine food retailer in Southern France and Italy and has been working as a chef in Vienna for over five years now. Maurizio has been working as a chef in Italy, England, and Austria for 30 years. Thus, when they advise on what’s the best wine or side dish for your meal, you should listen, and enjoy! 

We have been to Dai Golosi countless times already since we discovered it. Every time, we meet more and more people from the neighborhood there, on the lookout for a nice dinner, a quality take-away, or the best ingredients. This charming Italian Gourmet is slowly changing the fine dining face of Margareten for the better, and we could not be more happy about it! 

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Anca & Sinan
Vienna, AT

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