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Why you should buy the official Vienna City Card

1 April 2019

We have been designing personalized itineraries in Vienna for more than a year now and our Viennese insights are the most read section of the blog!  If still in need of inspiration, you can watch below a small video we have made on Vienna! Besides the offer to meet every guest over coffee and welcome them personally to Austria’s capital, we are always on the lookout for the best services available in the city. 

We have thus decided to become affiliate partners for the Vienna City Card. This means we fully trust their services and wholeheartedly recommend them. If you make a purchase through this post, we do make a friendly commission at no extra cost for you. Thank you for supporting us in this way! 


The reasons for becoming an affiliate partner of the Vienna City Card were manifold, but the main incentive was the frequent questions we received from our personalized itineraries guests: is the Vienna City Card worth it? Should I buy it for a short visit? What exactly does it offer? 

Thus, I will try to summarize below the answers to all these questions. 

The Vienna City Card offers you a 24/48/72 hours public transport ticket, in addition to a booklet with vouchers to obtain reductions at many sites in the city. These are museums, activities, restaurants, etc. The booklet reductions are valid for 7 days after the activation of the Vienna City Card. What you must keep in mind, however, is that most of these reductions can only be claimed on the spot and at the box office on a respective day – they cannot be used for advanced bookings. 

The Vienna City Card is especially useful for families, as one child under the age of 15 can travel freely with each cardholder. 

Additionally, you can add the Airport Tranfer option to your Vienna City Card, as well as a Hop On Hop Off bus tour. For the former, two children younger than 15 are allowed to travel for free, while for the latter one child of no more than 16 is allowed to join. 

From our experience in designing personalized itineraries in Vienna, the average amount you can save per day, regardless of the activities you undertake, with the Vienna City Card is 30 eurosTherefore, the Vienna City Card is absolutely worth it for a short visit

To give you just a few examples of savings that would add up:

– a day at the Schonbrunn (palace, strudelshow, panorama train, lunch, zoo) – 11 euros saved

– shopping in the city center – 10 euros saved

– coffee house/lunch reductions – 5-10 euros saved 

– a concert ticket – 10-25% reduction

– ride in a horse-drawn carriage – 15 euros saved 

– Chocolate Museum in the Prater – 10-20% reduction

– a day in the Prater (Giant Ferris Wheel, Madam Tussaud’s, Chocolate Museum) – 20 euros saved

What we really love about the Vienna City Card is that you can order it online and use it with an app directly on your phone. Of course, other options are available like having it sent by post or redeeming it with a voucher while in Vienna, but we do love the flexible, easy to use aspect of it so much we highly recommend to take advantage of its digital flexibility. 

More information can be found in the presentation video below, as well as on the VIENNA CARD OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

We would be more than happy to adjust !!! FOR FREE !!! for you our three days in Vienna itinerary to include the services and products of the Vienna City Card, or meet you over coffee to help you set up your stay in this amazing city. Please contact us before your visit!

Anca & Sinan
Vienna, AT

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