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Romantic Stockholm – weekend getaway itinerary

16 November 2018

We were recently researching Stockholm as a destination for a couple weekend getaway and were looking at all the romantic places in Stockholm one can explore on a weekend break. We were, thus, pleasantly surprised to receive most of the recommendations below from the Radisson Collection Strand Hotel. We have put their recommendations together with our own research to generate this romantic Stockholm weekend getaway itinerary and would like to draw your attention to the fact that this is not a sponsored post. 

Note: We have inserted a few friendly affiliate links in this article. Shall you make a purchase through one of them, we get a small commission at no extra cost for you. Thank you for supporting us in this way.

Walk into the footsteps of history in Gamla Stan (photo source pixabay)

While writing up this article it really hit me that Stockholm does fulfill most of the criteria that I listed in my article on Bremen for an ideal weekend getaway destination. Although quite expensive, it is not too big to be strenuous and not too small to be boring. “Beauty on the water” is the nickname Stockholmers gave to their lovely city, which, while maintaining its historic core, also rhymes with dynamic, cool and cosmopolitan. From medieval streets and elegant earth-tone buildings to creative and lively districts, Sweden’s capital is the perfect destination for an unforgettable romantic getaway. When it comes to music and design, Stockholmers are well ahead of the curve: you’re going to find an eco-friendly and trendy architecture, you’re going to take in style everywhere you go, and you’re going to dive deep into a vibrant nightlife scene. 

The best way to explore the city is on foot or by bike. Get ready to spend as much time outside as you can and to follow the conscious and healthy-living lifestyle of the locals. Here are seven beautiful suggestions for your romantic getaway in Stockholm weekend itinerary!


1. A romantic hotel in Stockholm

The iconic Radisson Collection Strand Hotel Stockholm overlooks the water with its elegant Scandinavian style and simplicity and it is the ideal place to explore the city on foot (see below). This hundred years old Stockholm hotel was a favorite of Swedish actresses Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman. Gamla Stan, The Modern Museum, Nordiska Kompaniet Department Store, and Stureplan are all within walking distance.

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2. Hot chocolate in Stortorget

Stortorget – the most photogenic square in Sweden (photo source pixabay)

The medieval part of town, Gamla Stan, is where any Stockholm weekend itinerary should start.
The beating heart of Stockholm since the early Middle Ages (1252), the incredibly photogenic square Stortoget is a mere 15 minutes’ walk from your hotel, passing by the Royal Palace. This place has seen it all: from the Stockholm Bloodbath in 1520 to the Suffragettes militant actions all throughout the 1800’s. Today it’s a peaceful spot with cobblestones, mint-colored townhouses, and a beautiful old fountain. Sit outside with a cup of hot chocolate or go to Stortorget’s Pharmarium Bar to taste unique herbs and spices. 
This is one of Europe’s best-preserved old towns, so be sure to enjoy the cobbled alleys which feel like a pedestrian-friendly museum and walk at leisure. The main streets to orient yourself by are Västerlånggatan and Österlånggatan, but dare to get lost and you will be rewarded. 
In recent years, Gamla Stan has turned itself into a gastro paradise, so be sure to choose a restaurant according to your taste and budget. Personally, we would go for Aifur which revives the Viking gastronomic tradition in a modern interpretation. 

3. Vintage Södermalm

photo source pixabay

After lunch, your Stockholm itinerary should focus on the city’s vintage scene.  Head to Södermalm, or simply Söder, the city’s southern island. What used to be the working class’ district is now the hip neighborhood with trendy shops and coffee houses. Here you can find biker boots, vinyl records, 90’s denim, furniture, and impressive second-hand clothing. You should also keep in mind that the hills at the northern edge will provide incredible views across Gamla Stan and the rest of the city. 
Seriously good coffee is a trademark of Södermalm, so do reserve enough time for fika. An untranslatable term, fika is the art of enjoying coffee and cake with friends and colleagues, and why not with your loved one, and taking your time to do so. Head to Il Caffe (sweets here are from Fabrique Bakery), Garbo’s Café, or the renowned Drop Coffee and enjoy!
The world renown modern photography museum Fotografiska is also found here, if you are not so much into browsing vintage shops.  
In winter the atmosphere on this island is magical: so, if you don’t want to miss out on it, book now your weekend getaway and save up to 35%.   

Sodermalm in winter (photo source pixabay)

4. Watch a movie at Bio Capitol

Even if you are on a Stockholm weekend break, Saturday night is date night. Bio Capitol is an independent cinema that wants to give movie enthusiasts the opportunity to experience a film in a different, unique way. Nothing compared to huge and packed multiplexes. Bio Capitol’s repertoire includes off-beat international movies and off-beat classics: so, take a seat, enjoy your movie and after that, hit up the bistro for a drink. 


5. Step back in time on Djurgården

photo source pixabay

Even if you had a great breakfast at your hotel, do pack a picnic basket or a hot drink if it’s winter and head to Djurgården, the greenest island in the city. There are plenty of walking paths here which you can enjoy even in winter, so don’t be lazy and join in the local way! The trails are gorgeous and peaceful, and you will feel as if you’ve stepped into unspoiled, pure nature. It will make your Stockholm weekend getaway truly memorable! 
This place is easy to get to: just take the footbridge from the city center or jump on a ferry from Slussen station. 
Djurgården is also home to many of Stockholm’s most famous museums, so continue your day indoors (or not). Normally I would not recommend a museum visit for a romantic weekend break, but Stockholm’s unique museums are quite a treat and they will sure make for an unforgettable experience. It’s all about stepping back in time here, and you get to choose the period you and your loved one wanna go to. Whether it is the 70’s at the  ABBA Museum or the 17th century at the Vasa Museum (featuring a recovered intact ship that sunk in 1628) is up to you. 

Colorful house in the Skansen museum (photo source pixabay)

For more outdoor activities you can choose the open-air Skansen Museum that features the Swedish way of life and culture over five centuries (16th to 20th centuries). In summer people actually perform traditional crafts and household tasks here, but in winter it is home to a Christmas market – a win-win situation in any case! 

For those that are still not convinced, I saved the amusement park Grona Lund as the last suggestion. Go on be silly and have fun, forget about all those museums, what can be more romantic than that? Your romantic Stockholm weekend itinerary does need some flexibility, after all 🙂 

6. Discover Hornstulls Marknad

photo source pixabay

As you’ll probably be quite hungry after all the outdooring, there’s another famous market waiting for you. Between April and October, a slew of independent food vendors will be waiting for you. From burritos to curry, from ethnic food to American-style dishes: you will be spoilt for choice. And after your appetite has been sated, is there anything better than some chillout time? Just sit down and relax on the adorable wooden platform near the water: it’s so worth it! And while you’re at it, get your guidebook out and do some research on more romantic things to do in Stockholm…..maybe you’ll stay on for a three-day itinerary? Or you’ll keep reading this article! Your choice!

7. Change the color of a tower using your smartphone 

There’s a place in Stockholm where you can change the color of a tower with your smartphone. Does it sound like you’re bound to go to Hogwarts next year? Well, maybe you are. But for now, just marvel at Colour by Numbers at the Telefonplan, a permanent light installation created in 2006. This futuristic monument (which is actually a 20-story spire) can project colored lights from its windows and, guess what, people control the lights using an app. What are you waiting for? Grab your smartphone and go do some magic.

8. Fine dining at Tak

photo source pixabay

What better way to end a romantic weekend getaway than a dinner to remember? Close your eyes. Imagine a slick Nordic-Japanese rooftop bar. Imagine you can drink refined cocktails made by famous mixologists. Now open your eyes and enjoy breath-taking views of the city: you’re at Tak, right in the heart of Stockholm. A one-of-a-kind bar, perfect in every detail, a place where Japanese cooking tradition meets Swedish ingredients. 

9. Archipelago romantic dinner cruise 

photo source pixabay

Not so much into fine fusion dining? End your romantic weekend getaway in Stockholm with a memorable dinner cruise around the archipelago. There is a good reason why this city is known as the “Venice of the North”. Contact your hotel reception to make a reservation, and say goodbye to wonderful Stockholm in style. 

photo source pixabay

There is one piece of information I have been adeptly keeping from you throughout this article – the reason why we were looking at a weekend in Stockholm in the first place. It’s because we are thinking about going there for our first post-baby getaway, as we think traveling together is essential for every couple. So I’ll need your help planning this Stockholm travel itinerary as well, an exercise we did before with our two weeks in Spain road trip itinerary.

photo source pixabay

We are looking for feedback, suggestions for authentic things to do/places to eat, book recommendations. At the moment I plan to dig into Per Anders Fogelström’s series of five novels set in Stockholm between 1860 and 1968 (City of My DreamsChildren of Their CityRemember the CityIn a City TransformedCity in the World) and into Irving Wallace’s The Prize. What else would you recommend? Send us your suggestions, or if you are a travel blogger links to your articles, and we will consider them for our final itinerary. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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