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Things to do in Bremen, Germany – the perfect weekend destination in every season

11 November 2018
Bremen Town Hall with Roland Statue during the might
The Bremen Town Hall and Roland Statue are part of the UNESCO World Heritage (Featured image © Jens Hagens Fotografie (www.facebook.com/Jens.Hagens.Fotografie)

I have lived in Bremen, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, for five years and this is my list of the best things to do in Bremen. We have all been there – searching for a weekend city escape that is not too big to be strenuous, not too small to be boring, not too expensive, not too crowded; it should have noteworthy landmarks and an interesting history, beautiful parks, plenty of open-air cafés, good bars and restaurants, affordable spa hotels, and a body of water nearby. All accessible within the time frame of a weekend or a prolonged weekend. For me, the first city that comes to mind that literally fulfills all of the above criteria is Bremen in Northern Germany. Serviced by a good airport, the city on the river Weser is the capital of the oldest autonomous political entity in Germany and there are plenty of things to do Bremen. Besides its rich history as a center of free trade, it offers its multitude of facets to visitors in a relaxed, warm atmosphere, perfectly suited for a weekend getaway in every season. A destination for culture addicts, couples, and families alike that should be mandatory on every Germany itinerary. Here are 12 reasons why. 

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What to read about Bremen

There aren’t many books to recommend that are set in/ about Bremen, so I’ve added to the list my personal favorite illustrated guide, the famous Brother Grimm story about the Bremen town musicians, as well as an evocative portrait of the city during one of Germany’s darkest hours!

We’ll talk about the small artist town of Worpswede in a little while, but for art aficionados, there are several good reference works pertaining to the life and work of Paula Modersohn-Becker, its most famous inhabitant.

Where to stay in Bremen – luxury hotels at affordable prices 

Luxury hotel room Bremen. Germany
Bremen offers many luxury hotels at affordable prices, perfect for a weekend getaway! (photo source pixabay)

We all want to be pampered every now and then, and we strongly suggest you do this in Bremen as it is more affordable in comparison to other touristic cities. For example, right in the city center are three wellness hotels with room prices between 70-80 euros (the Radisson Blue and the Atlantic Grand Hotel). If you are looking for a hotel on the river Weser, the northern suburb of Bremen Vegesack (a half-hour train ride from the city center) offers beautiful options such as the Atlantic Hotel Vegasack, the Strandlust Vegesack, and a bit further away the Ringhotel Fährhaus Farge.


Where to eat in Bremen – a famous wine cellar and many other great restaurants 

The Bremen Ratskeller (literally – cellar of the city council), is one of the oldest in Germany, holding the world’s largest collection of German wines. It hosts a tavern and a gourmet restaurant, and it is an absolute must-see for all wine lovers visiting Bremen. The word is that Johannes Brahms was among its famous guests, probably on the occasion of his debut as a pianist in 1855, or after the premiere of his Deutsches Requiem in the Bremer Dom in 1868.

The famous Beck's in'n Snoor restaurant, Bremen, Germany
The famous Beck’s in’n Snoor restaurant (© Jens Hagens Fotografie (www.facebook.com/Jens.Hagens.Fotografie)

For a more cozy atmosphere, one could try the Beck’s in’n Snoor or the Concordenhaus, both in the historic Schnoor district. Alternative traditional locations are Spitzen Gebel (located in the oldest townhouse of the city) and Kleiner Ratskeller, both on the way from Marktplatz to Böttcherstraße, as well as Knurrhahn, Bremen’s oldest fish restaurant.

What to drink in Bremen – visit the Beck’s brewery

Trying the famous local Beck's beer is one of the best things to do in Bremen
The famous Bremen Beck’s beer (photo source pixabay)

A local and national symbol as well as one of the best beers in the world, Beck’s has become synonymous with Bremen. Get a fascinating insight into the art of beer brewing and learn more about the well-known brands produced here while sampling 3 different beers in the guest room. Additionally, this knowledge is guaranteed to make you a few local friends as there’s nothing more they’d rather talk about than beer….and Werder Bremen!


What to drink in Bremen – a city that has known coffee long before Vienna

The Kaffeemuhle is one of the things to see in Bremen, Germany
The Kaffeemuhle, my favorite coffee place in Bremen

The first coffee house in the German-speaking world opened in Bremen in 1673. Since then, the city established itself as a main hub for the coffee trade and freshly roasted coffee is a trademark of Bremen. Taking a break from sightseeing, one can enjoy a cup of coffee at the Kaffeemühle, a restaurant located in a 100-years-old mill in Wallanlagen park (photo).

Coffee merchant and arts patron Ludwig Roselius established the process to obtain decaffeinated coffee in Bremen, at the beginning of the 20th century. Part of his business is now run by Lloyd Coffee, a company that still uses traditional methods for coffee roasting and offers public seminars and tours that are worthwhile for coffee aficionados.

The city’s landmarks, including UNESCO world heritage sites, can be explored on foot in half a day

Every visit to Bremen should start in the Marktplatz, the center of the city since the 8th century. The Renaissance Town Hall and the Roland Statue (symbol of free trade), both erected in the 13th century, are included on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. The Bremen Cathedral (Bremer Dom – a masterpiece combining Romanesque and Gothic elements) can also be found here, as well as the Statue of the Bremen Town Musicians, famous characters of the Brothers Grimm fairytale. Whereas most people are aware of the tradition to grab the front legs of the statue’s donkey for good luck, not so many know that, on their birthday,  unmarried men that reach the age of 30 are pressed by their friends to sweep the steps of the cathedral until a virgin kisses them.

Beautiful artistic impressions of the Bremer Marktplatz by © Jens Hagens Fotografie (www.facebook.com/Jens.Hagens.Fotografie)

For those inclined to spend some money, several shopping streets branch off near the Marktplatz, and you can also find a flower market and a produce market in the area.

The best way to see Bremen is through the eyes of a local. That is why we wholeheartedly recommend booking a private tour with a local!

From the Marktplatz, one can walk towards the Weser river through the Böttcherstraße, a medieval street restored in the 1900s in the expressionist style under the patronage of the coffee magnate Ludwig Roselius (owner of HAG and the inventor of decaffeinated coffee). Turning left at the end of Böttcherstraße, walking along the Martinistrasse and the Weser, and then turning left on Stavendamm one will soon discover the Schnoor, a medieval neighborhood of narrow streets with 15th-to-18th-century houses, which has preserved its unique character. Here you can find coffee houses, artisan and souvenir shops.

The magical Böttcherstraße (photos 1-3) and the  fairytale-like Schnoor district (photo 4) by © Jens Hagens Fotografie (www.facebook.com/Jens.Hagens.Fotografie)

Things to do in Bremen – several interesting museums for an afternoon outing 

Right on Böttcherstraße is the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, the first museum in the world dedicated to a woman, displaying the works of the early expressionist painter who lived in the artists’ community in nearby Worpswede.

The Kunsthalle Bremen art gallery has an impressive collection of pieces from the Renaissance to the modern day, including works by famous French and German Impressionists. It also houses temporary exhibitions of great quality.

The Übersee Museum (left photo below), next to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof), is home to the Bremen Ethnological Museum, one of the most emblematic cultural institutions in Northern Germany. It displays ethnological and natural history artifacts, taking visitors on an unforgettable journey across the globe.

The Universum Science Center (right photo below) allows visitors to understand scientific phenomena by experiencing them up close through demonstrations and daily science shows (reachable via Tram 6 from Hauptbahnhof – Stop Bremen Universität-Süd).

Things to do in Bremen – excellent acoustics concert venue for music lovers

The Bremer Glocke (The Bell) is a concert hall with out of the ordinary acoustics standing on the site of an octagonal bell-shaped building from the Middle Ages. Besides concerts, it hosts jazz events, readings, and cabaret performances, and it is definitely an authentic thing to experience during your visit. 

Things to do in Bremen – the Freimarkt in autumn

Things to do in Bremen - the Freimarkt in autumn
Ischa Freimarkt!

Ask any local, and they will tell you that Bremen has five seasons – winter, spring, summer, autumn, and Freimarkt season. Rooted in the centuries-old tradition that allowed the city of Bremen to hold a free market, the nowadays display of color and activity is the biggest festival in Northern Germany, attracting tourists and locals alike with its festive atmosphere. For the last two weeks of October there is nothing else to do in Bremen than enjoy and the correct local greeting is: Ischa Freimaak! 

Things to do in Bremen – the Christmas Market in winter

As soon as the Freimarkt is over, locals look forward to the next big event on the Marktplatz, the Christmas Market. Due to the characteristic fairytale atmosphere of the city center, this is one of the most beautiful and magical Christmas markets in the world, and to be very honest, my all times favorite. And I do say this after living in Vienna for 10 years. Alongside the Schlachte Magical Christmas Market on the Weser embankment, the Bremer Weinachtsmarkt will transport you to a world where miracles are possible.

Things to do in Bremen - the Christmas market in winter
Things to do in Bremen - the Christmas market in winter

The magic of Christmas in Bremen wonderfully captured by © Jens Hagens Fotografie (www.facebook.com/Jens.Hagens.Fotografie)

Things to do in Bremen – the Rhododendron Park in spring

Christmas is not the only magical time in Bremen. Wonderfully maintained gardens are the pride of all house owners, especially in spring during the blooming season. Distinctive for Northern Germany, the rhododendron blooms in a variety of colors and arrangements everywhere, making a walk along the street feel like a memorable thing to do in Bremen. One of the city’s most famous parks is dedicated to this special plant, an unforgettable experience for those who visit Bremen in May.

A walk in Rhododendron Park in May

Bremen – a perfect base for day trips  

Connections from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) to neighboring cities are very good. If one has enough time, day trips to MunsterHannover, or Hamburg, Germany’s second-biggest city, and a Lonely Planet recommended destination for 2018, are all worthwhile. For those wishing to explore the countryside, a visit to the artists’ villages of Fischerhude or Worpswede is highly recommended. Worpswede can also be reached by a Weser cruise via Vegesack. The North Sea towns of Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven are also easily accessible from Bremen. For a thoroughly authentic experience, plan ahead to visit the Neuwerk Island by horse-drawn carriage from Cuxhaven when the tides are low.

Bremen is a place I dearly come back to with every opportunity, one of my dream destinations. Here are some impressions from the Bremer Marktplatz during one of my mother’s and my many visits

If you are still not convinced or need a bit more help planning your weekend escape to Bremen, I will let you in on a little secret. I actually lived there for five years during my university studies, thus I pride myself with being almost a local. The contact button is there for you to use – drop me a line and get your own personalized itinerary with things to do in Bremen on a weekend getaway! 

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