Our friends from travelista.ro have explored Doha with kids and are sharing some of their experiences with us. 

Sometimes we like to explore destinations before we visit them. To some extent, this has to do with our desire to lead a travel-inspired lifestyle and to integrate travel into our daily routine. On the other hand, we are always on the lookout for possible future trips for which we like to have all the information at hand. Because I’ve written before about tourism in Qatar and we are tempted to travel there, we decided to ask fellow bloggers at travelista.ro to give us some ideas of activities in Doha with kids.

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Doha with kids - our fellow bloggers from travelista.ro had a great time in Qatar!
Doha with kids – our fellow bloggers from travelista.ro had a great time in Qatar!

Travelista.ro are a family of four explorers, two adults and two children, who have so far visited 83 countries together. Each year they make a travel resolution as a guide about what they would like to see in the next 12 months, from “no weekend in Bucharest” to “12 countries in 12 months”. We leave you in their company in the following paragraphs! Enjoy!

Doha with kids – why choose this destination?

Doha is one of the access gates to a range of destinations in Asia or further in Oceania and one of the most friendly places to small travelers. Another destination that’s definitely on our list is Dubai Parks & Resorts. There are quite a lot of misconceptions about the capital of Qatar, so hopefully, this article will inspire you both confidence and curiosity!

If you are flying into Doha, Qatar do not hesitate to spend some time exploring this Arabian Peninsula country, it will definitely be worth it. In addition, Qatar Airways offers many facilities for the most interesting stop in Doha, from free city tours to accommodation included in the price of the air ticket or extra days for a stopover; I suggest you check beforehand what applies to your ticket.

Even for a short layover, there are excellent organized tours that show you the main sights of Qatar’s capital in a few hours and bring you back to the airport on time.

And if you are in transit through Doha with kids, we have 8 suggestions of fun and interesting activities for the whole family. But first, some practical aspects.

Doha with kids - seafront hotel
Doha with kids – a beachfront hotel is always a good idea! Here – Kempinski Palace The Pearl

Doha with kids – practical aspects

Accommodation in Doha with kids

Doha was the first stop for us in a spring adventure through four Asian countries. Due to the fact that the water in Qatar is already warm in April, we wanted our first activity to be an aquatic one, so choosing a beach hotel was mandatory.

It took very little consideration to wholeheartedly choose Kempinski The Pearl, located on the pearl-shaped artificial island for which Doha is famous. In the morning the sea awaited us quietly and without waves, perfect for testing the available entertainment options at the hotel such as paddleboards or inflatable climbers and toboggans. Before leaving we also tried all the pools and, for lunch, one of the hotel’s restaurants.


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