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It’s been 10 years of breathtaking adventures – the story continues

8 August 2021

10 years of breathtaking adventures started on top of the world – Alanya castle

After ten years of relationship, a daughter, and four years of blogging, I’d like to look…

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Winter in Istanbul

27 October 2019

No amount of planning will prepare you for winter in Istanbul. For the season and the city are just a feeling, a meeting with yourself that is most intimate…

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Our ultimate list of 5+ fabulous Antalya excursions

17 June 2019

Turkey’s most famous seaside city is known worldwide for the countless all-inclusive resorts that line hundreds of kilometers of coast around it. As the holiday season comes closer, we…

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An Izmir New Year’s Eve

8 February 2017

Izmir’s Landmark Clock Tower

It is our third morning of our Izmir New Year’s Eve stay and the first day without rain. The sky is finally clear, after two…