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Where to Eat in Seville – 15 amazing suggestions

22 February 2020

We have spent two and a half days in Seville during our Andalusia road trip with a toddler. With countless dining options available and many traditional Spanish foods to…

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My holiday in Andalusia reading list

18 July 2019

I assume this article will not come as a surprise for our followers, who have witnessed us planning a two weeks in Spain road trip itinerary and have helped us with…

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Andalusia road trip with a toddler

24 June 2019

I have planned a two weeks in Spain road trip since October 2015. In between then and now we have welcomed Ilinca in our lives. Thus, I adjusted for a 10 days Andalusia…

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Two Weeks in Spain Road Trip Itinerary

8 January 2019

(featured photo credit: Royalty Free Illustrations, purchased via dreamstime.com)

Discovering SPAIN during a road trip of about two weeks is one of the itineraries Sinan and I have been putting together…