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Book Review: The Rhine, by Ben Coates – 280 pages of remarkable travel writing

22 February 2021

The Rhine has shaped European history, culture, and economy from ancient times and a portrait of the river is, in essence, a depiction of a significant part of Western…

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Austria itinerary – Tyrol and Vorarlberg from Munich

16 March 2019

The fairytale Schloss Neuschwanstein is the first stop on the way from Munich to Austria

We often get asked what are the best places to visit in Austria and…

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Things to do in Bremen, Germany – the perfect weekend destination in every season

11 November 2018

The Bremen Town Hall and Roland Statue are part of the UNESCO World Heritage (Featured image © Jens Hagens Fotografie (www.facebook.com/Jens.Hagens.Fotografie)

I have lived in Bremen, one of the…