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Travel-inspired weekend routine with a toddler

2 August 2021

We are parents and hobby travel bloggers with full-time jobs as scientists. Also, several logistical issues have prevented us from traveling extensively this summer, the current pandemic notwithstanding. However,…

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The 10+ best sightseeing tours of Vienna – a local’s ultimate list

22 May 2021

We have been living in Vienna since 2008, writing about the city since 2017, and welcoming personalized itinerary travelers in Austria’s capital since 2018. This is our ultimate locals’…

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Book Review: The Rhine, by Ben Coates – 280 pages of remarkable travel writing

22 February 2021

The Rhine has shaped European history, culture, and economy from ancient times and a portrait of the river is, in essence, a depiction of a significant part of Western…

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Our unforgettable 5-days Austria summer holiday

1 September 2020

This year (2020) we decided on an Austria summer holiday, principally due to the development of the pandemic situation across Europe.

It’s our first trip away from home since…

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Our top 5 for family quality time – banana bread, books, and banter

13 June 2020

As lockdown measures are lifted and life goes back to the pre-pandemic routine, I look back at the past three months with mixed feelings. In the midst of insecurity,…